Reversible Tips

Bedford® Reversible Tips

Hear the Quality!™

Bedford tips provide the ultimate finish and deliver dependable professional results for all projects.


The precision ground V-cut angle allows Bedford® Tips to produce the “whisper quiet” sound.

This produces the perfect fan and makes your job far more enjoyable. You can hear the quality!


This line of reversible tips complements our line of spray guns, extensions, guards, fittings, hoses, pump and repair parts that Bedford has been supplying for 58+ years.

Why choose Bedford Reversible Tips?

✓Sounds great (Hear the Quality!™)

✓Beautiful Spray Pattern Quality

✓Long Service Life

✓Lowest Price Global Brand

✓Multi Value Packs Available

✓Fits Most Industry Guards

✓Made in USA

✓Tip size and Type for Every Application

Learn more about Reversible Tips

Selecting and Using Reversible Airless Spray Gun Tips 

With all of the airless paint gun tips, guards, and extensions out there, it can be difficult to determine the replacement parts that will best fit your needs. At Bedford Precision, we are here to help. We offer a variety of high-quality, affordable replacement parts, including reversible airless tips.


What Are the Types of Reversible Tips? 

Reversible Airless Tips are used in airless paint spraying equipment to atomize coatings into small droplets to coat a surface. 


Typically there are four types of reversible tips, here at Bedford® we offer: 

Here at Bedford® we stock standard tips, line striper tips, fine finish tips, and the most recent add to this Tip line, the large barrel tip.


In addition to the various types of tips, there are different sizes that are specific to certain manufacturers. We sell tips that are equivalent to Graco® Rac® 5 Tips and Titan® SC-6 Tips.


The type of tip that is best for your project depends on the project itself, but also the size of your sprayer and how wide you would like the spray to be. 


What Does “Reversible Tip” Mean? 

Reversible means that the tip can be turned around to clean out the orifice. The benefit of a reversible tip is that it makes it much easier to clean. When you turn the tip around and spray, it unplugs a clogged paint spray gun. 


What Is the Typical Lifespan of a Reversible Tip? 

The lifespan of your reversible paint gun tip will depend on the type of coating being sprayed and the pressure at which the pump is operating. Generally, tips will need to be replaced after 50-100 gallons of use. Tips can be used longer than that, but the spray pattern deteriorates over time. This will cause more “overspray,” which results in excess gallons of paint being used.


It's a good idea to have a few tips on hand because of this. 


If you need help determining which size tip you'll need for what job or what additional products will make sense - such as a guard or an extension - we are here to help! Contact us at 914-241-2211.