Spray Guns

Bedford is now pleased to offer its own line of contractor grade airless spray guns. This line of spray guns complements our line of spray tips, extensions, guards, fittings, hoses, and repair parts that Bedford has been supplying for 60+ years. 

ProductBedford Part No.Specifications
BP725061-34967250 PSIG (500 Bar)- .118" (3mm) Orifice
BP7250 with Guard and Rac V 515 Tip61-34977250 PSIG (500 Bar) - .118" (3mm) Orifice
BP7250 H.O.61-34987250 PSIG (500 Bar) - .197" (5mm) Orifice
BP7250 S.H.O.61-35007250 PSIG (500 Bar) - .278" (7mm) Orifice