QT290 Pump, QTech Powered By Bedford Part Number BP-QT290

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About the QT290 Pump Part Number BP-QT290

QT290 Product Details:

·Unique PPC (Precision Pressure Control) enables the broadest range of capabilities from high-volume to fine finish

·Capable of maintaining pressures as low as 300 PSI for the most demanding of fine finish work

·Highest volume output in its price range

·Slow stroke technology for reduced piston wear

·Triple-life packing system

·Also available on a carry frame

·All-new sturdy design copes with the rigors of on-site working

·Compatible with most modern coatings including premium water based



Supplied with:

·1 - BP7250 Spray Gun [61-3496]

·1 - Guard [33-7000]

·1 - 515 Reversible Tip; Seat & Seal [33-7515]

·1 - 310 Fine finish Tip; Seat & Seal[33-6310]

·1 - Gun Filter (50 Mesh) [14-3902

·1 - 3' x 3/16" Airless Hose Assy,3300 PSI [13-792]

·1 - 50' x 1/4" Airless Hose Assy, 3300 PSI [13-932]

·1 - QLube Piston Lubricant, 8oz [22-4240]

·1- Q-Tector Pump Conditioner, 32oz [22-4291]


Recommend to Spray:

·Emulsion, interior and exterior, top coats

·Water or solvent based top coats

·Wood preservatives

·Most other low-viscosity water or solvent based coatings



·Flow: 0.77 US gal/min

·Max tip: 0.027"

·MWP: 3300 PSI | 227 Bar

·Usage: Up to 220 US gal/wk.



Motor: 1300 watt
Weight: 72.75 lbs
Power supply: 110 volts


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