QTech Powered by Bedford

Introducing QTech Powered by Bedford Precision

Bedford is excited to offer three new spray pumps to the market that are designed to meet your unique needs while offering outstanding performance and quality at an exceptional price point

QTech Powered by Bedford

QT190 Pump

QTech Powered by Bedford

QT290 Pump

QTech Powered by Bedford

QT290c Pump

Pumps Will be Available Online Soon

If you are interested in being notified when they are available please let us know by calling or emailing us at:

Phone: 914-241-2211 | Email: sales@bedfordprecision.com

When you select the QTech Powered by Bedford Pump You Will Get:

•Precision flow and pressure controls that can be adjusted to meet the needs of specific jobs with Precise Pressure Control (PPC) 

•Dramatically improve Low Pressure (LP) spraying performance with the QTech Pressure Stability System

•Slower-stroke yet more powerful piston reduces the "crying" noise of traditional pumps adding significantly more life to the sprayer

•Triple-life packing system extends the exceptional performance of the pump with reduced maintenance

•QTech Powered by Bedford pumps come in both lightweight carry and high-boy options 

•Industry leading warranty and support to keep your QTech by Bedford on the job and making you money

QTech Powered by Bedford offers a range of pumps that were designed with the professional paint contractor in mind to give you exceptional performance backed by legendary Bedford product support and parts while offering the best value for the money in the market.